Twinning of pipeline needs a closer look

October 10, 2012

People living in Metro Vancouver and in areas like Kamloops are at risk if the Trans-Mountain Pipeline expansion gets the go ahead.
That is the message from the Wilderness Committee’s Ben West ahead of a town hall on the Kinder Morgan proposal in Burnaby Wednesday evening.

West says the existing pipeline route up for expansion runs through densely packed areas of Kamloops, Abbotsford, Langley, and Burnaby, “If you look at the Kalamazoo River incident you know when they had a spill down there, over a hundred homes, people had to leave their homes. And if that same sort of thing happened say, in Burnaby, you are talking about many thousands of people potentially, who would have to get out of harms way because of higher levels of benzene in the air and other dangerous toxins that people could be exposed to.”

West says what Kinder Morgan is billing as a ‘twinning’ of the current pipeline will likely be more like a brand new pipeline.

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