Police confirm body parts suspect has been in Vancouver

June 7, 2012

Montreal Police are now confirming body parts suspect Luka Magnotta has spent time in Vancouver.

Commander Ian Lafreniere says Montreal Police know, for a fact, the suspect in the murder of Chinese student Jun Lin has been to Vancouver.
“Was it just passing by, or been there for a long time. We don’t know. but we know he used to be in Vancouver, at least.”

While the right hand and right foot shipped to two Vancouver schools have yet to be forensically linked to Luka Magnotta, Lafreniere says police are confident of a connection.

He adds no clues from the notes included with the body parts sent to False Creek Elementary and St. George’s School explain why those schools were targeted.

The body parts found in Vancouver are on their way to Montreal, with two Vancouver police officers.

Investigators there hope to have the results of DNA tests within the next few days.

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