North Shore considering policing options

October 18, 2012

The three municipalities on the North Shore continue to take a look at dropping the RCMP and moving to another policing option.
North Vancouver District Mayor Richard Walton says they are still trying to determine the cost benefits, if any, of moving away from the mounties and sharing the West Vancouver police instead.  

But he cautions there will be no quick answers.

“It is a long road even with the report we are going to…obviously it is going to take a year or more before we reach a point probably where we can decide whether or not we can…we’ll go it alone. We are very comfortable with our local RCMP service they are providing excellent service in North Vancouver the challenge for us is the larger issues and that is the funding uncertainty.”

Mayors unhappy with the new 20-year RCMP contract can take advantage of a two year opt-out clause.

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