Marijuana activist Dana Larsen granted initiative petition by Elections BC

September 20, 2012

Elections BC has granted another initiative petition but don’t expect to see anyone out gathering signatures.

 The petition to amend the police act was granted to Dana Larsen but he says they were just practicing.

  “We have been going back and forth with Elections BC with different variations on the legislation trying to find something that they would agree that was constitutional and valid and we succeeded in that so we have a formula now where BC can decriminalized cannabis as a province but the actual signature gathering for the real campaign will start next year.”

 Larsen says it is just a dry run

 ”Getting the approval this time was more of a, sort of a, test for us we are actually planning on resubmitting next year in the fall and really trying to get the signatures at that time.”

 Larsen says over the next year they will put the infrastructure in place to gather signatures.

 ”That is exactly correct we are going to be touring the province we are going to be gathering volunteers collecting people to register in advance so that when they promise to sign the actual petition when the time comes.”

 Decriminalizing pot is actually a federal matter but Larsen says it can be legalized by changing the police act to remove enforcement.

 Out of eight initiative petitions only one, the anti-HST petition, has succeeded in triggering a referendum.

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