Labour federation leader has challenger

October 6, 2012

Someone wants Jim Sinclair’s job as the head of the BC Federation of Labour.  

Michelle Laurie is an electrician and president of Local 258 of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.

She says it’s time to renew the federation.

Laurie says she wants to change how the public perceives organized labour, and give it a more credible and proactive voice — making it about more than protests and speeches.

“We need to be at a lot of tables that we are not at, and we can’t do that just by demanding that we be there. We need to show why we’re relevant. We need to show how it is that we can bring informed debate to the table.”

For his part, Sinclair says he’s had challengers before and he’s confident he will be re-elected at the group’s convention next month.

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