Is the expertise worth the money?

September 14, 2012

With the BC government crying poverty and talking about austerity, does it make sense to pay a retired civil servant 250-thousand dollars a year to provide advice?

That’s what NDP house leader John Horgan is asking about George MacMinn, the retired clerk of the legislature is being paid five hundred thousand dollars over two years for his parliamentary expertise, but Horgan says with no fall session this year,  that contract makes no sense. 

“The house sat for 46 days this spring and if Mr.MacMinn was there every day, that’s 250 thousand dollars for 46 days work is probably more than the market could bear and it’s my view that the position is no longer required”

Horgan says he voted against the contract when it was presented to the Legislative Assembly Management Committee  and has now asked the committee to look at getting out of the deal.

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