BREAKING: 24 hour occupation at Kits Coast Guard base

September 15, 2012

About a dozen activists, including the President of the BC Federation of Labour, are staging a 24 hour sit-in at the Ktsilano Coast Guard station.

The federal government has ordered closure of Kits base.

Political consultant Bill Tieleman has been working with the coast guard union.

He says some pleasure boaters, tugboat operators fishermen are also involved.

“And they came in on a fish boat to the dock, coast guard dock and have decided to do a sit-in here for 24 hours, to try and draw more attention and put more pressure on the government to keep the base open. they have got signs “keep it open”, “keep it safe”, and they’re going to sit in over night”

The feds say Kts base can be closed without putting our safety at risk.

The closure will save about nine hundred thousand dollars.

Tieleman was speaking on The World Today on CKNW.


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