BCCLA wants single punishment rules for RCMP

February 3, 2012

The BC Civil Liberties Association is concerned about a criminally charged Mountie who they say still speaks for the force.

Constable David Pompeo of Nanaimo was charged with aggravated assault after a 2009 shooting.

But BCCLA Executive Director David Eby says Pompeo spoke on behalf of the RCMP at a Citizens on Patrol event in October.

Meanwhile, Constable Bryden Hennessy is accused of stealing a laptop last fall and has now been charged.

He faced different treatment, “One lost his badge, lost his gun, was removed from the force effective immediately, the other presented on behalf of the RCMP at a community conference.”

Eby says the RCMP can to put officers on leave, and they should in this case to protect the public.

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