Another landslide strikes in the Kootenays

July 18, 2012

Another mudslide has just struck in the Kootenays.
 Frances Maika is with the Central Kootenay Regional District Emergency Operations Centre.

 ”What we know right now that there has been a slide that has affected the Lookout road area near Thrums BC which is near highway 3A towards Castlegar.”

 Maika says there are homes in the area but at this point they don’t know if anyone was caught in the slide.

 ”There is communities all along highway 3A and this is one area of houses. We are not sure yet what the impact has been we have got the Regional fire chief has gone out to assess the situation and report back and that is all the information I have right now.” 

 3 homes in the area have been evacuated as a precaution.

 Pam Johnston, who lives on lookout road near where the slide happened, says she’s heard no word of injuries, but that the storm that led up to the mudslide was intense.

 ”Torrential rain. Like sheets of rain and thunder and lightning. The rain, we’ve lived in this house for 18 years and have never had a flood ever. But we had a flood today. It was just mind boggling. Traffic was actually pulled off the road. You couldn’t even see. It was zero visibility.”

 Johnston says a nearby part of highway 3a is blocked off and that the conditions appear unstable.

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